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Nike and Tiffany & Co. collaboration

Nike and Tiffany & Co. announced a collaboration in November 2021, with a limited edition release of the Nike Air Force 1 Low sneaker in Tiffany blue. The collaboration celebrated the 35th anniversary of the iconic Nike Air Force 1 sneakers.

The collaboration received positive reviews for its unique take on a classic sneaker, and for bringing together two major brands from different industries.

The moment is almost over... 

The release of the new Air Force by Tiffany & Co x Nike is scheduled for March 7, 2023. The Tiffany & Co x Nike Air Force 1 'Black' will be available through the Nike SNKRS app, from Tiffany and select retailers for a price from 400€.

Tiffany & Co. and Nike have partnered to release a collection that includes not only a limited edition Tiffany Black and Blue Nike Air Force 1 Low sneaker but also a line of sterling silver accessories.

Source: Nike and Tiffany & Co