Duties and Taxes


The taxes you usually have to pay are:

  • VAT (EU-Zone)
  • Import taxes (Non EU)

Below you will find more information about the VAT and Import duties for your shipping address. 


We are shipping from the Netherlands, member of the European Union. 

There are no customs duties to be paid when buying goods coming from within the European Union. 

VAT is calculated as a percentage (VAT rate) of the price of the goods and its included on the prices you can see if not otherwise mentioned. 

Find here the list of the current Member States of the European Union: EU Member States

More information about the European Union you can find here: European Union

Austria Belgium Bulgaria
Croatia Cyprus Czechia
Denmark Estonia Finland
France Germany Greece
Hungary Ireland Italy
Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg
Malta Netherlands Poland
Portugal Romania Slovakia
Slovenia Spain Sweden


As a customer outside the EU you can shop VAT-free at our shop. Tax/VAT free prices will be shown once you select your region outside the EU. For customers outside the EU we currently accept payments in the local currency from your region. 

Depending on the shipping address/country, you may have to pay the local import duties and customs fees. This varies by country.  

Click here for the total overview on de minimis value ''no duty/taxes'' ***

Means that from the value as indicated under your shipping country you may have to pay import duties.  


Deminimis value

“No duty/tax collection” in national currency

Australia 1000 AUD For customs duties. GST is charged for overseas registered
China Shipments with duty and VAT liability less than RMB 50 Customs duties might be charged from orders with value RMB 50
Japan 10000 JPY Customs duties might be charged from orders with value 10000 JPY
Norway 350 NKR Customs duties might be charged from orders with value 350 NKR
Qatar No deminimis Customs duties might be charged for all order value
Russia 200 EUR Customs duties might be charged from orders with value 200 EUR
Singapore 400 SGD Customs duties might be charged from orders with value 400 SGD
United States 800 USD Customs duties might be charged from orders with value 800 USD

***For the most updated information about the customs and duties we recommend you to contact your local government as de minimis value are volatile. 


More information about shipping and delivery (time) to your country you can find on our shipping and delivery page. 




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